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MediaGuard Integration Options

If you'd like to integrate MediaGuard's pre-bid predictions into your bidding workflows, you can do so via the MediaGuard SDK or the MediaGuard API.

Despite differences in their implementation, the core functionality of each integration option is the same: they both provide a mechanism for sending bid request data to MediaGuard's servers, and they both respond with predictions about whether those bid requests are a form of invalid traffic (or IVT). Regardless of which integration option you select, or which format you use to send and receive data, you'll receive the same predictions from MediaGuard and have access to an identical range of insights.


A HUMAN representative will set up the corresponding MediaGuard clusters for your integration.

MediaGuard SDK (gRPC)

The MediaGuard SDK is a performant client-side gRPC service that lets you send pre-bid data to HUMAN and receive IVT predictions accordingly. Of the available integration options, the MediaGuard SDK offers the best performance and lowest latency, so we recommend this option for most users.

The MediaGuard SDK is available in several languages, including Java, Go, and C++. You can also build your own gRPC integration in the language of your choosing. However, custom gRPC integrations are subject to similar limitations as HTTP integrations built on the MediaGuard API—for example, you'll need to handle load balancing and connection pooling.

The MediaGuard SDK uses Mutual TLS (mTLS) authentication. We'll provide you with an SDK cert and an SDK key, which you can use to authenticate your connection with MediaGuard's servers. This connection-level authentication (in contrast to request-level authentication) reduces the overhead for individual requests.

MediaGuard API (HTTP)

The MediaGuard API is a simple HTTP service that lets you send pre-bid data to HUMAN and receive IVT predictions accordingly. You can use any HTTP client to access the MediaGuard API, which makes this option ideal if you're unable to use gRPC or if you'd like to integrate MediaGuard with an existing monitoring service without using custom code.

The MediaGuard API uses Basic authentication. We'll provide you with a unique auth ID and key, which you can use to authenticate each request you make to MediaGuard's servers.