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MediaGuard Overview

MediaGuard is HUMAN's pre-bid solution for detecting advertising fraud. By analyzing the bid requests you receive, MediaGuard makes real-time predictions about the validity of the users driving each bid request, then provides you with a recommendation to bid or not bid on the associated ad inventory. This pre-bid verification gives you the necessary information to eliminate different forms of invalid traffic from your bidding workflows before you serve impressions to those users.


You must include FraudSensor as a component of your overall MediaGuard integration. When used in tandem, FraudSensor can validate the predictions you receive from MediaGuard. This combination of pre-bid and post-bid data also helps us fine-tune MediaGuard's prediction models against new and evolving threats.

To learn more about using MediaGuard and FraudSensor together, see Closing the Loop.

How MediaGuard works

MediaGuard is an intermediary service that sits between the bid requests you receive and the bids that you actually make. After you've set up a MediaGuard integration, you'll be able to send data to MediaGuard and receive real-time predictions about your bid requests.

Every time you receive a bid request, you'll either need to extract certain details from that bid request and send them to MediaGuard or send the bid request's entire OpenRTB BidRequest object to MediaGuard. MediaGuard analyzes these details to determine whether the user driving that bid request is valid or invalid. Any invalid bid requests are sorted into different IVT categories with information about the specific traits displayed by that bid request.

MediaGuard then returns a real-time prediction that you can incorporate into your bidding workflows. For example, you might configure your bids to automatically drop any bid requests that receive an IVT=true response from MediaGuard. You can also view your MediaGuard data in the HUMAN Dashboard or via our Reporting API.

Get started with MediaGuard

If you'd like to get started with MediaGuard, you'll need to set up an integration with either the MediaGuard API or the MediaGuard SDK.

A HUMAN representative will help you choose the best integration option to suit your needs, walk you through the integration process, and set up a new MediaGuard cluster on your behalf.