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Snowflake FAQ

HUMAN offers a direct integration with Snowflake for anyone who'd like to query and analyze their HUMAN data using Snowflake's SnowSQL tool.

What is Snowflake?

Snowflake is a cloud data platform for storing, analyzing, and building products with data. Until now, our users either needed to manually run ad hoc reports or leverage HUMAN’s Reporting API connection to import platform data into their own data warehouses, including Snowflake. With this integration, you can directly access data in Snowflake without taking any additional steps.

What is the Snowflake Data Marketplace?

You can browse the Snowflake Data Marketplace to request and receive datasets from third-party data providers like HUMAN.

Whenever you request access to your HUMAN data via the Snowflake Data Marketplace, HUMAN receives and routes this request to deliver data using Snowflake’s architecture.


To use this integration, your Snowflake environment must be built on AWS.

Why use Snowflake and HUMAN together?

Snowflake partners with applications like HUMAN to help eliminate friction in accessing and analyzing data from disparate silos.

Accessing HUMAN data in Snowflake helps you ask more questions about your data and get the answers you need without limitations on speed, data availability, freshness, or engineering bandwidth. Snowflake’s partnership with HUMAN means that you can get value from your data faster, easier, and with lower financial and human capital than ever before.

  • Reduce costs: You can now access and begin querying HUMAN data in Snowflake—without coordinating specific engineering or budget resources to integrate that data.
  • Start quickly: As soon as you provision data access, you can immediately review your data and integrate it into deeper analyses, business dashboards, and automated processes. This means hands-on, granular access for SQL analysts, data scientists, and even business users working in business intelligence tools like Looker, all with a shorter time-to-value period.
  • Work efficiently: Accessing data on-platform in Snowflake provides a seamless user experience compared to other platforms, where integrations may require time and resources to maintain.

How can I get started with Snowflake?

If you’re interested in accessing your HUMAN data in the Snowflake Data Marketplace or would just like to learn more about Snowflake, please contact a HUMAN representative at your convenience.

You can also request access to your HUMAN data through Snowflake by following our Snowflake Quickstart guide.