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TLX Reports

Transaction-level (TLX) reports provide event-level data to help you identify trends and connect high cardinality parameters like user ID, cookie ID, transaction ID, and auction ID. Certain fields, including transaction ID, prediction ID, user ID, and custom keys, are exclusively available through TLX reports and are not included in other forms of HUMAN data reporting.

Each TLX report generates a .csv file with data from every single event during the selected time frame. For example, if your FraudSensor tag logs 45 million events during the time period corresponding to a TLX report, that report will contain 45 million rows of data.

Accessing TLX reports

You can access your TLX reports through HUMAN's Reporting API, the Snowflake Data Marketplace, or the Reports section of the HUMAN Dashboard.

For more information, please reach out to your HUMAN representative at any time.