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Reports (Dashboard)

The Reports section of the HUMAN Dashboard lets you download reports that outline the traffic data analyzed by each of HUMAN’s products. Reports are downloadable files generated from custom views in the Explore section of the Dashboard, and can either be run on a one-time basis or as part of a recurring schedule.

A new file is generated every time a given report is run, so a single custom view may have multiple associated files listed on the Reports page.

You can search for individual reports using the search bar in the upper right corner or browse the full list of reports from the following tabs:

  • All: All available reports for your organization.
  • Ad Hoc: Reports that were generated instantly without running on a schedule.
  • Scheduled: Reports that were generated according to a schedule.
  • Detailed: Transaction-level reports.

Each tab displays a table containing a list of available reports and several relevant fields, including the report’s name, the date and time it was last generated, and its associated file size. The Actions column lets you download the report or delete the report permanently.