BotGuard for Applications

Quick Start


BotGuard for Applications is a solution that protects online enterprises against bots. The components that make up the system are:

  • Detection Tag: JavaScript, or Mobile SDK (beta) for detecting whether an event is bot.
  • Mitigation API: S2S API that enables client system to mitigate bot traffic in real-time. Required for identifying instances of tag evasion (Detection Tag is suppressed), and enables passing business signal (BYOS - bring your own signal).
  • Reporting API: S2S API that enables you to query for available reports and to download a specific report (transaction level, and aggregate level).
  • Dashboard: Web UI that enables you to view Summary data, Explore data, and Generate, Save, and Schedule reports.

The solution is typically first integrated in Pageview Monitoring mode to identify bot traffic on your platform. This requires to integrate the Detection Tag, and Mitigation API.

After a baseline is established, the solution can be switched to Event Mitigation mode. Per request, the Mitigation API will respond with - Bot true / false, Threat Profile (bot, nonstandard, valid), Threat Category, and an Action (e.g Allow, Block, etc.).

System Diagram

Active via S2S Diagram