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Login Help

To keep our content secure, certain sections of the HUMAN Docs Library are only accessible to logged-in users.

How can I access protected content?

If you visit the public counterpart of a doc with protected content, you'll encounter a message box with a log in link. Follow this link, then enter your credentials on the login page; after you've authenticated successfully, you'll automatically be directed to the private version of the doc (which includes its protected content).

What credentials should I use to log in?

When prompted to log in to the HUMAN Docs Library, you'll need to use the same credentials that you use to log in to the HUMAN Dashboard. If you don't already have a HUMAN Dashboard account, reach out to a HUMAN representative for assistance—we'll help you get set up!

I tried to log in, but received a "403 - Not Assigned" error.

A 403 error means that you entered the correct credentials, but your HUMAN Dashboard account hasn't been assigned the necessary permissions in our Okta backend. You should reach out to a HUMAN representative and let them know that you received this error; one of our admins will grant you access to the HUMAN Docs Library.

After I log in, do I need to log out to view non-protected content?

Nope! The private section of the HUMAN Docs Library includes both protected content and non-protected content. If you've already logged in, you can continue browsing normally without needing to log back out—all of our non-protected docs will be accessible via their usual navigation menus.

Just remember that any links that contain /private/ in the URL will require a login before you can access those pages. So if you'd like to bookmark a link to a public doc (or send one to a friend), you might want to modify its URL first to bypass the login requirement: for example, changing to