CNAME (Canonical Name Record or Alias Record) is a type of resource record in the DNS (Domain Name System) that specifies that one domain is an alias of another canonical domain. We highly recommend that our clients and partners CNAME the Tag to obfuscate it and to provide an additional layer of defense against potential malicious actors. The below instructions detail how to CNAME a subdomain of your choice against one of our system domains which serves the Tag.

Pick A Subdomain

Let's say your platform or site is on Choose a subdomain that will be used to point at our system domain. Choose something generic, or unintelligible. E.g. sky, xad, north

For example purposes, we'll say we chose sky.

Given this example, the domain to CNAME would be:

Create DNS Records

The detection tag utilizes several subdomains. You should create the following records:

Client Domain System Domain

In the example above the system domain is However a different one will be provided to you by our team or via dashboard.

SSL Certificate

Once the DNS records have been setup and propagated, our team will purchase an SSL certificate on the domain.