"Protected by HUMAN" Challenge

The challenge widget is a captcha tool for BotGuard for Applications customers to protect input forms.

The primary function of the widget is that it will disable/lock all buttons inside the <form> we are deployed, until the user successfully toggles the widget. Once the widget is successfully toggled, all buttons inside the form will be re-enabled, allowing for Login/Submit/etc functions to be used again.

Checkbox Display


Detection Tag Configuration

To enable this feature, the detection tag needs to have a new argument &captcha=1 appended to the URL.

Example Detection Tag <script src="https://[domain]/2/[ci]/pagespeed.js?ci=[ci]&pd=acc&mo=2&spa=1&captcha=1"></script>

Placing the Challenge Widget on Page

To place the widget into a form to protect, add a <div> with the class attribute "human-captcha".

Example Div <div class=”human-captcha”></div>

This div can contain any other attributes, as long as it is a member of this class the captcha tool will be deployed inside the scope of the div. Only the first instance of a div with this class found on page will render a challenge widget and engage the protection mechanism.